Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it?

Hiya, fellow cat particular person. The official ‘Hug your cat day’ is coming. Any cat proprietor should marvel, “Why would anyone create a big day primarily based on an almost unattainable exercise?” When you’ve got an cute cat that’s too affectionate and allows you to pet it on a regular basis, you have to be disagreeing with me already. Make hay whereas the solar shines, as a result of the one you love pet have to be chalking out its final plan to take over the world if you are asleep.

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 1

Most cats don’t like being taken in laps, not to mention be hugged. Cats are royal creatures of excessive upkeep. They may allow you to pet them solely when they need.

Why do cats don’t like being hugged?

Tons of of years in the past, the ancestors of the cats we personal immediately have been majestic out of doors creatures. They united with people to get the advantages of a dependable meals supply and a heat barn the place they’ll spend the chilly days of winter. Over time, we invited the cats into our properties.

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 2

A cat could seem restricted, nevertheless it has been discovered that they do love their house owners. Their methods of expressing love are fairly completely different from what we understand to be regular.

Listed here are some explanation why cats are usually not so keen on being hugged:

Cats like to have their alternative. Your cat will certainly strategy you and get nearer if it needs to be cuddled. For those who discover indicators of affection out of your beloved pet, you’ll be able to go forward and present some further like to your furry pal.
Though a cat’s habits has modified over time, it nonetheless holds onto some traces of its ancestors’ DNA. This sheds gentle on the truth that a cat is each a prey and a predator. Feral cats prey on small bugs and rodents; additionally they get preyed upon by bigger predators. When a human swoops all the way down to hug a cat, they see it in the identical approach as a predator swooping all the way down to catch its prey within the wild. This ultimately provides rise to a stress response in cats. When cats are confused, the battle, flight, or freeze response is activated.
Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 3Cats don’t prefer it after they really feel trapped and restrained. They dislike having no possibility for escaping. If you wish to hug them, attempt to not decide them up to start with. Let their paws be on the bottom and hug them flippantly.
Many cats show decrease endurance for cuddling. For those who hug your cat for too lengthy, it can battle to flee, scratch, or chunk to defend itself. Attempt to have common however quick durations of hugging along with your beloved pet.
Your cat’s affection degree could change sometimes. It would like getting hugged within the morning, however begin hissing at you within the night for a similar motion.

Do all cats hate being hugged?

Based on Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a workers veterinarian, there are a lot of breeds of cats which might be very affectionate and like to hug. A few of these are Ragdoll, LaPerm, and Burmese. These are popularly referred to as ‘folks’ cats as they create sturdy bonds with their “hoomans.”

Our little associates present affection in some ways, together with meowing at us and rubbing towards us. However, do they really hug?

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 4

The reply, in a approach, is sure. Our feline associates use a hugging movement whereas looking and enjoying. They do it to suppress their ‘sufferer.’ Cats wrap their entrance legs across the topic (together with your arm), kick with their hind toes and chunk. They may most likely kick and chunk flippantly if the ‘topic’ will not be an opponent or prey.

When do cats hug?

Cats ‘hug’ for a number of causes. They primarily do it after they need to defend and really feel protected and to point out affection. One other time they hug is after they need to seize their prey, which might generally embody you.

Cats hug to guard

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 5Have you ever ever seen movies of a mom cat hugging her kittens? Or, older cats hugging one another? That is primarily a habits derived since their childhood. The mom cat cuddles or hugs her infants to calm them and defend them. The older cats is likely to be cuddling to preserve heat or guard one another. Cats see people like their mom or siblings. So, when you see your cats wrapping their arms round your neck or arm with a way of concern and urgency of their eyes, it’s most likely in search of for defense.

Cats hug to point out affection

A typical gesture that every one cats do is burying their heads in your arms, shoulders, and many others. One other factor that you could have seen is that they wrap their paws round your arms and flippantly nibble in your fingers. That is their approach of exhibiting affection and love. Cat haters who say that cats don’t have feelings are totally mistaken. Each cat has its particular person cuddling fashion. You may discover many choices relying in your approach of expressing love in your pet pal. So, cats do search for companionship and bonding via cuddling.

Cats hug when preys are concerned

Each cat proprietor is used to having scratched, bitten, and bleeding arms. You is likely to be petting your cat whereas it’s ‘hugging’ your hand. Hastily, it’d begin to kick and chunk your arm. You would possibly suppose your cat doesn’t such as you. The reality is that it has nothing to do along with your cat’s love for you. This habits of cats is totally prey-driven. It’s constructed of their DNA.

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 6

Your furry pal perceives you as a playmate and to shine its looking abilities, it’d take part within the recreation of “let’s assault my hooman’s hand.” You may nonetheless be completely satisfied figuring out that even these video games symbolize belief and affection.

What are the indicators that present your cat isn’t a hugger?

Once you attempt to hug your cat, you’ll be able to examine if it likes the hug or not. It is best to look out for stress indicators whereas hugging your cat.

Few of the plain indicators are dilating its pupils, making an attempt to flee, hissing, swishing tail, freezing, scratching, growling, and many others. Different indicators of stress are excessive vocalization, diarrhea, hiding, and many others. These indicators point out that your cat needs to be left alone and it’s undoubtedly not a hugger.

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 7

Easy methods to hug your cat with out inducing stress?

Whether or not you settle for it or not, your cat already is aware of who the boss is. It would allow you to cuddle solely whether it is in the appropriate temper. For those who nonetheless want to provoke a hug, it’s best to advance with warning.

Think about the followings:


Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 8Studying your cat’s character will assist you to find out whether or not it’s best to hug it or not. The character of your cat decides whether or not it likes being hugged or not. Together with this, your common dealing with will persuade the cat to be extra affectionate. Nevertheless, some cats won’t ever need to be confined and held no matter how a lot affection you bathe upon them. Different cats will snuggle or cuddle with you whereas purring always.


Don’t attempt to shock your cats as they don’t prefer it. You’re more likely to get injured when you attempt to ambush. Be sure that your cat can see you approaching for a hug. To know your cat’s temper, pet it on the again just a few instances. Scratch the bottom of its head and see if it appears to be . If it welcomes your motion, you’ll be able to attempt to decide it up for a hug.

Your motion

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 9

Too tight hugs could make your cat uncomfortable. Attempt to maintain your cat gently in order that it doesn’t really feel restrained. You would possibly need to squeeze the fluffy fur ball, however it’s best to keep away from that. It’s essential to enable it to get comfy first. If it purrs or rubs itself towards you, it is likely to be preparing for the hug. Nevertheless, put it down if it begins to battle.


Did you suppose that your hug time would final for hours? Your cat is not going to approve of that. You must also be taught the indicators that present the love time along with your cat is over. If its pupils are dilated or its tail is twitched, it have to be making ready to go away. Don’t get shocked to see your loving cat turning right into a livid creature in moments. It’s all regular.

Parting phrases…

Hugging Cats: Do they prefer it? 10

Being a cat proprietor will not be simple when you maintain a protracted listing of expectations out of your pet. Nevertheless, when you love your cat, you’ll do every little thing to make it completely satisfied. That’s what is going to make you a ‘true’ loopy cat particular person. This “Hug your cat day,” respect your cat’s boundaries and hug it provided that it likes it. Take a look at all of the indicators earlier than you try to embrace it. Comfortable Purring!

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