15 Enjoyable Info about Hamsters

Hamsters are lovable and interesting creatures. They’re cute, fuzzy animals, and barely chew folks. These are just some of the explanation why so many individuals select them as pets! There’s a lot about hamsters that there’s to know. Enjoyable information and feats and interesting research involving hamsters abound.

And right now, we’re going to find some fabulous enjoyable information about hamsters!

15 Enjoyable Info about Hamsters 1

1. Tooth

Hamsters’  tooth by no means cease rising. You understand how infants prefer to chew teething rings whereas they’re teething? Properly, hamsters are teething each day of their life, and that’s why they like chewing on sticks or toys, which assist hold their tooth considerably worn down.

2. Vitality

Hamsters have extremely excessive power ranges and love exercising; they’ll spend inordinate quantities of time working spherical and around the wheel. Hamsters have a pure capacity for working – hamsters within the wild can run between 5 and 6 miles for a lot of nights in a row! Are you able to think about that? I most likely wouldn’t even be capable to accomplish such a factor…

15 Enjoyable Info about Hamsters 2

three. Crepuscular

Hamsters are “crepuscular” animals; they’re most energetic throughout twilight hours.

four. Eye Sight

Hamsters can’t see that nicely. They’ve a terrific sense of scent to compensate, however their imaginative and prescient isn’t that superior.

5. Experimental Topics

Hamsters are sometimes utilized by scientists and people in males’s scrubs for science experiments and research.

6. Huge Cheeks

You understand how hamsters have actually chubby cheeks typically, after which, a short time later, their cheeks have shrunk to half the dimensions? Properly, that’s as a result of hamsters can retailer meals of their cheeks. They love to do that; they stuff their cheeks with meals and later switch it to a secure spot to allow them to eat it a special time. Since they don’t have salivatory glands, the meals can keep dry of their cheeks.

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7. Heavy Obligation Cheeks

One other enjoyable reality about these chubby cheeks – Syrian hamsters particularly can maintain as much as half their physique weight of their cheeks! Now isn’t that incredible?

eight. “Hamstern”

The time period hamster is believed to be primarily based on the Greek phrase “hamstern” which implies to hoard. Are you able to guess why?

9. Curious Creatures

Hamsters are curious creatures that like to discover and have enjoyable. That’s why it’s vital for them to have a spacious cage, with room for them to maneuver about and many entertaining toys.

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10. One at a Time

Hamsters prefer to dwell alone. Attempting to place two hamsters collectively in order that they’ll “make pals” sounds very candy, however can result in a number of aggressive preventing. Pet homeowners could be higher off both shopping for one hamster or conserving every of their hamsters in separate cages.

11. Cleanliness

A clear residence makes for a happier hamster! Identical to most individuals, hamsters like when their cage is stored comparatively clear and tidy.

12. Extra Infants

Hamsters can turn into pregnant shockingly shortly, after which give delivery to 20 infants at a time! Are you curious about opening a hamster zoo? Then attempt placing collectively a female and male hamster collectively, and see what occurs!

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13. Small Measurement

Hamsters aren’t any particular measurement; they’ll vary from 2 inches to 13 inches lengthy. Totally different hamster species are of various lengths.

14. Colour Blind

Hamsters are color-blind and depend on scent to information them to find their manner.

15 Enjoyable Info about Hamsters 6

15. Allergic reactions

Hamsters are allergic to cedar, so do be sure that their bedding will not be made out of that!

16. Discovery

Folks found hamsters lower than 300 years in the past, however they weren’t used as pets till below 100 years in the past.


Hamsters are energetic, lovable, and intelligent creatures. They’re nice at becoming by small holes and crevices, so be sure their cage is designed correctly in order that they received’t escape and get themselves harm!

In the event you’re excited about shopping for a hamster, you’ll want to do your analysis so that you simply and your future pet may have an pleasing life collectively!

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