Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do

There’s nothing just like the consolation of a tender fluffy feline in winter however come summer season, your own home resembles a werewolf’s cave! Generally, this intensive fur loss isn’t a trigger for concern as shedding is a pure course of. Cats shed their hair in the identical manner that people expertise a certain quantity of day by day hair fall. The one distinction is the amount – whilst you have about 100,000 strands of hair in your head, the typical home cat has a whopping 40 million hairs. It’s necessary to grasp why cats shed so to take steps to take care of the issue. Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 1

Why Do Cats Shed?

Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 2The primary objective of a cat’s coat of fur is to guard it from the chilly. Their fur coat is made up of three particular person layers – guard hair, awn hair and down the hair. The guard hair is lengthy and coarse and kinds the topmost layer of the cat’s fur coat whereas the tender brief hair kinds the bottom layer of down hair. Awn hair makes up the center layer as it’s not as brief as down hair however not so long as guard hair. 

The topmost layer helps water to run off the fur whereas the bottom layer prevents the chilly from reaching the cat’s pores and skin. Because of this a cat’s fur coat is way thicker in winter than in summer season. Fur additionally supplies safety from bodily damage corresponding to scratches and bites from different cats. 

Wild cats shed their coats twice a yr – as soon as in spring to do away with their thick winter coat after which once more within the fall to organize for the following winter’s heavy coat. Though a cat sheds extra fur in summer season than in winter, the method isn’t influenced by temperature however by the provision of sunshine. In winter, when the times are shorter, they maintain their fur coat, however when summer season comes round and the times are longer, they shed their coat. The bogus mild inside your house is a continuing all year long, which might alter your cat’s shedding sample. You usually tend to discover a relentless shedding all year long, no matter modifications in season. 

Why Is My Cat Shedding A Lot?

Shedding is a pure course of, however in the event you discover a sudden change within the quantity of fur your cat sheds, it might point out a extra major problem. Sure circumstances may cause extreme fur loss in cats and require medical consideration. These are three of the most typical causes of extreme shedding in cats: 

Dietary Deficiencies

Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 3There are all kinds of cat meals manufacturers to select from, however you have to decide one which fits your cat’s necessities. There are some things to bear in mind when selecting cat meals corresponding to elements, model reliability, and AAFCO (Affiliation of American Feed Management Officers) compliance. You probably have just lately switched to a less expensive cat meals model, you would possibly discover that your cat is shedding much more. It is because low-quality cat meals can result in dietary deficiencies, which in flip end in fur loss. Guarantee that your cat’s food plan has ample high-quality protein, vitamin A and vitamin E to advertise a wholesome coat and cut back shedding.


Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 4Stress is a typical reason for feline fur loss. Generally, this fast shedding is a short lived drawback that’s resolved as soon as the supply of stress is eliminated. A sudden change in your cat’s surroundings can result in stress-related fur loss. This could possibly be the introduction of a brand new pet, a change in residence, or one thing so simple as a visit to the vet. Cats are additionally very delicate to sound, so even the sounds of development work in your neighborhood could make him scared and burdened. Cats really feel safer when they’re elevated, so create a cat cave at a peak in order that he can climb into it to really feel safe. There are a number of methods to cut back anxiousness in pets, so strive a number of to determine which of them work on your cat.

Allergic reactions and Parasites

Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 5Research present that over 12% of cats undergo from feline atopic dermatitis or allergic dermatitis. Any such allergic response could be triggered by something from grass and pollen to cigarette smoke, mud mites, and mould spores. In case your cat has allergic dermatitis, his pores and skin can be itchy, which is able to trigger him to consistently scratch and chew himself. This tremendously will increase shedding and ends in patches of pores and skin with little to no fur. Equally, parasites corresponding to fleas and ringworm may cause itchiness and end in in depth hair loss. If you happen to discover your cat grooming himself much more than common or if he develops bald patches, make a journey to your vet to find out the foundation reason for the issue. For delicate to reasonable instances, utilizing a medicated shampoo frequently may also help to deal with allergic reactions and minor parasitic infections.

How To Deal with Shedding

Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 6To cut back the quantity of cat fur in your own home, you have to to restrict the quantity of fur your cat sheds and work out the very best methods to do away with cat fur.  Listed below are a number of methods to unravel your fur drawback:

Use An Anti-Flea Remedy As soon as A Month

The bites from fleas, ticks, and lice are very itchy, and your cat might even develop a rash across the web site of the chew. The vigorous and repeated scratching won’t solely improve the quantity of fur your cat sheds however also can harm the pores and skin and result in bacterial infections. Use a topical therapy corresponding to Ceva Catego for Cats as soon as a month to do away with present parasites in addition to stop future infestations. This therapy is especially efficient because it kills grownup fleas and ticks in addition to the eggs and larvae.

Bathe Your Cat Each Four-6 weeks

Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 7Pet homeowners are sometimes not sure about how typically to wash their cats or in the event that they even want to wash them in any respect. The frequency of bathing will rely largely on the breed – long-haired cats profit from a bathe each Four weeks whereas short-haired cats will want a shower each 6 weeks or so. In case your cat has a pores and skin situation and is shedding greater than common, you should use an antiseptic lathering answer corresponding to Douxo Chlorhexidine PS to cut back fur loss. The elements on this shampoo will assist to cut back bacterial and fungal infections in addition to cut back itching and irritation.

Groom your cat each day

Don’t view grooming your cat as a tiresome day by day chore that you simply rush by every morning as this can make it a tense expertise on your cat. As an alternative, put aside a bit of time if you get again from work to groom your cat in order that this can be a leisurely exercise that each of you take pleasure in. Sit again in a snug chair and place an previous satin pillowcase in your lap beneath your cat. Use a comb to do away with tangles after which a grooming glove to do away with all of the unfastened fur. Satin has a shiny floor so you possibly can merely wipe the fur off the pillowcase as soon as you’re performed.

Brush Your Cat As soon as a Week

Brush your cat with a high-quality brush with lengthy enamel not less than as soon as every week. Not like the common combs and grooming gloves that you simply use every day, a long-tooth brush will slide by the higher layers of fur and into your cat’s undercoat to take away unfastened fur earlier than it will get onto your furnishings. Cats have delicate pores and skin, so just be sure you use mild strokes whereas brushing your cat.

Use a Diffuser to Cut back Feline Stress

Why Do Cats Shed & What to Do 8Stress may cause cats to over-groom themselves, which is able to end in extreme shedding. A feline diffuser is a straightforward method to hold your cat calm and cut back stress-induced shedding. Excessive-quality diffusers corresponding to Feliway Basic comprise cat pheromones that assist cats to regulate to sudden modifications of their surroundings. If you happen to’ve moved to a brand new condo or you probably have renovation work happening at dwelling, you should use this diffuser to assist your cat keep stress-free. A diffuser will even assist to cut back different stress-related points corresponding to urinating exterior the litter field and urine spraying.

Use a Pet Hair Remover Repeatedly

CARPET-PET-HAIR-REMOVERPet hair removers are a fast and simple method to take away fur out of your furnishings and garments. As an alternative of a lint curler that requires refills, you possibly can go for a reusable brush with a self-cleaning base. It will assist to cut back the quantity of cat fur in your house. In case your cat goes by a pure shedding stage, vacuum your home day by day and concentrate on his bedding.

Use a Guide Trimmer As an alternative of an Electrical

FURMINATORCATLengthy-haired cat breeds typically face issues in summer season. In case your vet recommends that you simply trim your cat’s fur, use a handbook trimmer as a substitute of an electrical one. Cats get scared by the sound of the electrical razor, which is able to improve their stress ranges and trigger extreme shedding. A handbook trimmer with lengthy enamel will mean you can effortlessly trim your cat’s fur in a stress-free method.

Shedding is a pure course of, however in the event you discover a sudden improve in fur loss, you need to make an appointment together with your vet. That is necessary as a result of fungi and micro organism can unfold from pets to their homeowners. Micro organism such because the E.coli micro organism can unfold from cats to their homeowners leading to meals poisoning, urinary tract infections, and even pneumonia. 

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