Why Does My Cat Sniff the Air Conditioning Vent?

These days, most individuals personal cats because of the firm they provide most pet lovers. Nevertheless, when you’ve got an air conditioner at dwelling, chances are you’ll discover that your pet likes sniffing the air conditioner’s vent. Generally chances are you’ll flip in your unit solely to be welcomed by an terrible scent out of your air conditioner’s vent. Some odors are annoying, whereas others are harmful.

Under are some explanation why your cat could sniff the air conditioner’s vent:

1. Development of Mildew and Mould

Why Does My Cat Sniff the Air Conditioning Vent? 1

There are various kinds of air conditioners. Some are static, whereas others are transportable. The transportable models are cellular, and you may transfer them with ease. For the transportable ones, when you get to study how do transportable air conditioners work, then transferring them round and working them can be really easy. Moreover, there may be extra to the transportable AC; these models don’t simply chill but additionally perform as heaters.

They dehumidify the air because it cools, and if the surplus water that accumulates from the air conditioner doesn’t drain correctly, the moisture helps the expansion of mould and mildew, and this produces a foul scent. Additionally, whereas the filter is soiled, it will probably additionally harbor mould development, and this may occasionally generate a mildew scent.

2. Rotting Rubbish Odor

In case a rodent finds its approach into your air conditioner’s air ducts, it will probably die there and start decomposing. And this may occasionally produce terrible scent out of your air conditioner’s vent; this can be just like the scent of a rotten egg. The odor is foul and will trigger your cat to smell. Though this isn’t severe, chances are you’ll must contact an expert to extract the decomposing animal.

three. Raptured Vent Pipe

Why Does My Cat Sniff the Air Conditioning Vent? 2There could also be a scent of sewage coming out of your AC vent, and this may occasionally point out a ruptured sewer line or vent pipe, particularly close to the ductwork. Small quantities of methane gasoline can fill your house with a nasty scent. Keep in mind, the gasoline is harmful not solely to your cat however to your family members as nicely, so name an Ac knowledgeable or plumber to repair the difficulty instantly.

four. Outdated Cigarette Smoke

If one in all your loved ones members smokes, the evaporator loop can pull the fumes, and the odor permeates the coil, and this blasts the scent of outdated cigarettes in your own home when you activate the air conditioner. This manner, your cat will probably scent your AC’s vent. Nevertheless, cleansing the AC coil can repair the difficulty.

5. Gasoline Leaks

When there’s a gasoline leak, your ac smells like rotten eggs.  Though pure gasoline is odorless, your unit could produce such a scent to inform you in case of leaks. If this odor comes from the AC vent, this suggests that there could also be gasoline leaks close to the air ducts. When this occurs, don’t take this flippantly, open the home windows, exit of the home and make contact with your gasoline firm first, then name an knowledgeable to repair the issue.

6. A Mechanical Drawback with Your AC

Your air conditioner could produce odor from heating ducts, and this means a mechanical downside along with your AC fan or compressor. In case you discover his, flip off the AC earlier than making an attempt to diagnose the issue and make sure when you sense the burning odor close to your unit. Verify the air filter as a result of if it’s soiled, this hinders airflow and overheats the electrical resistance heaters. If this isn’t the difficulty, flip off the grasp swap and make contact with a technician instantly to keep away from a fireplace.

Why Does My Cat Sniff the Air Conditioning Vent? 3

7. Stagnant Water Collected in Your AC

In case your dwelling air conditioner smells dangerous, then your Ac unit has stagnant water gathered, which ends up in an terrible scent coming from the vents. However, you’ll be able to clear up the difficulty by cleansing your system to permit water to empty accurately.


There could also be terrible scent out of your air conditioner’s vent, and this may occasionally trigger your cat to smell the Ac vent. Nevertheless, this may be a sign of a extra severe difficulty. As such, that you must flip off your air conditioner and name an expert to examine the issue.

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