Whereas turtles can not carry out methods, play fetch or prefer to be cuddled, they nonetheless make superb pets. They are often humorous and inquisitive little creatures with a robust character. And you should have loads of time to get to know them and assist them get to know you. Most species of pet turtles simply dwell to the age of 20 years – some even as much as 100 years.

In case you are planning to get a pet turtle, take into account that there are dozens of various species obtainable, and every has its personal distinctive wants. One such species is the field turtle. Field turtles are superb pets as they’re long-lived and hearty and may dwell as much as 50 years and extra with correct care and upkeep.


Field turtles have a one-of-a-kind look and, not like most different frequent pet turtle species, they’re terrestrial animals. They don’t want an aquarium setup however will spend their days on land. 

Field turtles have a excessive dome-like shell with hinges on the underside shell. This offers them the chance to cover inside it fully. Within the wild, they use this mechanism to guard themselves from predators dwell raccoons and predator animals. In lots of U.S. states, field turtles are a protected species. Due to this fact, you should ensure to purchase from a accountable breeder who offers in captive-bred turtles. Don’t take away field turtles from the wild. 

Field turtles are solitary animals. If you get a brand new turtle, you’ll typically see it hiding inside its shell since it could not totally belief you or its environment simply but.


As they develop up, they may slowly get used to their new environment and house owners. Your field turtle will develop into extra trusting with time and present you that it enjoys its environment. Though Field turtles make glorious pets, it’s mandatory that you don’t purchase on an impulse. They require intensive care. A few of them dwell as much as 60 years and are subsequently a life-long dedication. 

Here’s a detailed information that offers you the fundamentals of Field turtle care:

Setting Up The Habitat

You’ll be able to hold a Field turtle each in a big indoor enclosure, in addition to outside. Many individuals hold them in tiny aquariums, which isn’t in any respect advisable. Your pet turtle ought to have area to roam round and luxuriate in its environment. Since each turtle has its personal character, it can get pleasure from totally different elements of its habitat. Some like to cover extra whereas others like to hang around within the open and benefit from the warmth underneath its basking lamp.

Nevertheless, Field turtles do the most effective in an out of doors setup with enough solar, shade, weeds, and a small and shallow pond of water the place they’ll comfortably soak. Make certain to present them sufficient safety from predators resembling raccoons and canine.

Present Clear Water

It’s important that you just present your field turtle slightly pool with heat water as they get pleasure from soaking and wading in water. Nevertheless, field turtles have a behavior of defecating within the water; subsequently, it’s essential to switch the water day by day. 

The Proper Food regimen

Field turtles occur to be omnivores, so you’ll be able to feed them a variety of meals. It’s also possible to feed them commercially ready turtle meals. Nevertheless, it’s best to not restrict them to 1 particular food plan. Feed them a wide range of meat, fruits, and greens. A few of their favorites embody bait worms, mealworms, crickets, and wax worms. Don’t forget to test any dwell meals earlier than shopping for them. They need to be mold-free and vigorous. Field turtles additionally prefer to munch on strawberries, peaches, plums, bananas, plums, and virtually any fruit. Keep away from feeding citrus fruits.


It’s also possible to feed your field turtles inexperienced and leafy greens resembling spinach, kale, cabbage, and Romaine lettuce. Nevertheless, don’t feed them iceberg lettuce. 

A wonderful thing about field turtles as pets is that all of them have a unique character. Additionally they have totally different tastes in meals. Some will like to munch on bananas whereas others received’t contact it. Others will desire to dwell meals and refuse the rest. It is going to be your problem to ensure your field turtle will get a balanced food plan. You’ll be able to attempt artistic feeding methods like mixing dwell worms with chopped greens or serve meatballs with wholesome blended substances.

Calcium is significant for field turtles as they want it for constructing sturdy shells and bones. Due to this fact, you’ll be able to feed them oyster shell calcium, which is available at feed shops and can also be fairly cheap. It’s also possible to give them cuttlebones to munch on as they assist in maintaining the turtle’s beak pruned.

Correct Lighting And Temperatures

Good lighting is significant for reptiles each physiologically in addition to psychologically. Turtles and every other reptile, for that matter, want entry to direct daylight, or a supply of UVA and UVB rays. You also needs to present a warmth supply to keep up the heat of 1 space of the terrarium to about 85F. Nevertheless, let the opposite part of the habitat cooler. Your field turtle will have the ability to select its excellent temperature by shifting round inside its enclosure. 


Like people, all field turtles are totally different. As you get to know your pet turtle higher, it is possible for you to to offer higher habitat and lighting and temperatures for it. Some prefer it hotter whereas others will spend probably the most time within the cooler space of the enclosure.

How To Deal with Field Turtles

You must give your field turtle a while to let it belief you. Due to this fact, it’s mandatory that you just act quiet and mild round them. Furthermore, they don’t like numerous dealing with and therefore, is probably not very protected round youngsters. Just be sure you all the time feed them on the similar time and in the identical place. It is a good option to situation them, and you can see them ready for you on the similar time daily. These are a few of the heart-warming moments if you really feel that your field turtle is ready for and relying on you. Keep in mind that field turtles can nonetheless chunk onerous. Due to this fact, chorus from feeding them with arms or a spoon. As an alternative, use a dish the place you place meals onto.

Even in case you hold your turtle inside, it’s good to take your turtle outdoors on good days as they get pleasure from outings. Nevertheless, ensure to regulate them as they’re fairly quick and sometimes disappear in a flash. Additionally, ensure to maintain your turtle away from areas the place there could be predators like canine and different animals.


Field turtles are beautiful and extremely cute creatures and make nice pets if saved in the fitting situations. Although they don’t prefer to cuddle and play fetch like different pets, most pet turtle house owners love their field turtles unconditionally. All of them have sturdy personalities and when you get to know them and their preferences, it is possible for you to to offer them the right life. And, it is possible for you to to really feel that your excellent care is appreciated. Some field turtle house owners even swear that their bins are reacting to its title when referred to as for meals or a heat and pleasant soak. 

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